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We have a variety of services to fit your needs.

Our complete set of investment banking services includes capabilities in public fundraising, private fundraising, including: Reverse Mergers, IPOs, Secondary Offerings, PIPEs, as well as advisory services including: Consulting, assistance with business plans and Valuation Analyses. We have vast experience in a variety of industries, including: energy, technology, healthcare and retail.

We have differentiated ourselves in the investment banking community by our unswerving dedication to thorough investment research and to the development of comprehensive, in-depth understanding of the industries in which our clients operate. Our research orientation has gained us invaluable credibility in the world of institutional money managers.

We are confident we will be able to leverage our credibility to successfully present our investment banking clients to institutional and private investors who recognize us as a solid partner in the financing of investment banking transactions. We also filter our broad audience of CEOs and high net worth investors, producing a rich stream of qualified investors and strategic business partners.

Syndicate Services

Through our syndicate activities, our clients participate in initial and secondary public offerings of outstanding growth companies offered by national and regional investment bankers as well as the offerings originated by our investment banking department.

We have the capability to provide targeted or widespread geographic distribution of the securities of our corporate clients through the partners in our syndicate operations. Our syndicate department has extensive experience in underwriting equity, municipal and corporate debt offerings.

Our syndicate department manages or co-manages equity offerings to provide easy access to the capital markets for our corporate clients. By calling on the close working relationships we have with regional and national firms to market their securities, we have the capability of distributing them broadly or to target retail and/or institutional investors as well as arranging for the geographic distribution most appropriate to their needs.

Our syndicate management has the professional background to underwrite municipal and corporate bonds as well as equity offerings. This equity experience includes the management or co-management of more than 100 syndicates of initial public and secondary offerings in underwriting groups ranging from 10 to 40 firms.

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