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Andrew Garrett, Inc. is a leading
full-service brokerage firm.


Our mission is to provide investment advice, exceptional service and an unbiased, independent perspective to help clients achieve their financial goals.

We specialize in delivering strategic financial solutions for a wide-range of investors.

Investors choose Andrew Garrett, Inc. for our commitment to excellence, objectivity and personalized service.

With more than 30 locations, Andrew Garrett, Inc. has a national network of seasoned investment advisors serving clients throughout the world. Our investment advisors develop long-term relationships with clients and employ a consultative approach to match appropriate investments to their clients’ unique needs.

Andrew Garrett, Inc. has a fully disclosed relationship with RBC Correspondent Services, a division of RBC Capital Markets. RBC Capital Markets, owned by Royal Bank of Canada, is one of the largest securities firms in the nation providing clearing services, is a member of the NYSE, AMEX, CHX, CBOE and PSE, and has execution capabilities on all principal exchanges.

The combination of small-firm culture and large-firm capabilities makes us unique in the financial services industry and gives us a distinct competitive advantage while serving clients.

Every Investor is Unique

Our firm’s approach to asset management is based on gaining a deep understanding of each investor’s asset base, risk parameters and financial objectives. Careful analysis of this information results in a combination of investment products and strategies that deliver against the goals you define.

With access to world-class research tools, up-to-the-minute market information and value-added investment resources, your Andrew Garrett, Inc. investment advisor will continually track the performance of your portfolio and guide your asset allocation adjustment, ensuring solid performance over the long-term.

We Provide the Expertise, You Make the Decision

Andrew Garrett, Inc. provides you with the flexibility to choose from a number of asset management products and services.

For example, our Investment Access account offers complete money management resources in a single account, plus added features such as Web-based portfolio tracking, market information and cash management services. This asset management account also has a VISA Gold debit card with a Rewards program for travel and merchandise, flexible check writing and margin account borrowing.

With the Andrew Garrett, Inc. Resource II account, the expertise of your advisor is combined with the investing skills of some of the world’s leading portfolio managers. The result is a customized strategy based on your specific financial objectives.

Additionally, we offer access to a range of investment vehicles, including: stocks, fixed income products, stock options, mutual funds and foreign securities.

Andrew Garrett, Inc. investment advisors have access to research from more than 160 analysts to help you determine the combination of offerings that meets your needs.

Unique Value-Added Investment Opportunities

Leveraging the strength of Andrew Garrett’s investment banking operations, our investment advisors are able to provide you with access to unique and proprietary investment opportunities.

Our firm specializes in private placements, as well as initial and secondary public offerings for companies in a wide range of industries. Your Andrew Garrett, Inc. advisor can guide you on private investment strategies that compliment your overall asset management program.

To find out more about how Andrew Garrett, Inc. can help you achieve your financial goals, please contact us.

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